Friday, May 23, 2008

Florida Presidential Roundup

The latest from Florida bloggers on the 2008 presidential election.

Betty Cracker - McMeltdown.

BlueHerald 2.0 - Campaign Workers and Racism.

Ybor City Stogie - Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio Endorses Obama.

Florida Progressive Coalition - Obama Can Win Florida.

Pensito Review (Jon Ponder) - Obama Floats Punishment for Florida: Cut Delegation in Half.

MyDD - Florida & May 31st.

Blast Off! - Obama's south Florida challenge. Also see his Obamarama coverage.

Ron Levitt - Obama, Clinton, McCain Descend On FL, Despite Delegate Mess.

Jack and Jill Politics - Hillary, The Susan B. Anthony, John Brown And Fannie Lou Hamer Of The Florida Primary?

Eye on Miami (gimleteye) - Stages of Grief and The Hillary Vacuum.

Miami-Dade Dems - Watch out for more of this: Republicans twist reality.

Talk to Me - Space and the Senator.

litbrit - A Sunny Thing Happened Today at the Forum.

MyDD - Next Up: MI & FL.

Incertus (Brian) - Enough already.

Interstate4Jamming2 - Obama Attract Revivial Crowd, But Not As Many As Predicted.

Betty Cracker - Obama in Tampa.

Blast Off! - We get even more e-mail.

Blast Off! - We get more e-mail.

Incertus (Brian) - What's the number?

Eye on Miami (gimleteye) - The Presidential Campaign: Hialeah or Havana?

The O-Train Station - The O-Train is proud to welcome Senator Barack Obama back to Florida!

Florida Progressive Coalition (Benjamin Kirby) - Obama In Tampa Today.

Incertus (Brian) - Who's the bigger draw?

Smashed Frog - Barack Obama: Within Reach.

Daily Kos - Florida still tough for Obama.

Bloggy Bayou - No, of course you aren't!

Tampa Bay Blue - Democrats Should Be More Democratic and Less Sexist.

Tampa Bay Blue - The Democratic Party Must Count Florida's Votes.

Tampa's Back Door Ways... - crist and mccain sittin in a tree.

Tampa's Back Door Ways... - Eric Deggans Unabashed Sexist Hillary Basher.

Politics1 - Friday News Update.

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