Monday, May 26, 2008

Netroots Awards -- First Round Voting Now Open

I wanted to do a followup on the quick post earlier on the awards. If you are interested, you can go and vote now. In order to vote, you will have to provide your name, e-mail address and vote in, at a minimum, the required categories (those marked with a *). May the best bloggers and activists win!

Overall, 81 people made more than 220 nominations in 20 categories. You may vote any time between now and June 1st. At that point, if there are any categories that are too close to call, we'll have a second round of runoff voting. In the end, all the winners will be announced at the Netroots Conference which will take place at the Jefferson-Jackson Fundraiser Weekend in Hollywood on June 14. We'll also announce the winners on the blog after that.

Please vote and promote the awards as widely as possible so we can get as many votes as possible. Thanks.

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