Monday, May 19, 2008

Please Choose Your Presentations for June 14's JJ

Okay, for those that don't know, this year's Netroots Conference will be held on June 14 in conjunction with the Florida Democratic Party's Jefferson-Jackson weekend in Hollywood. For those who are interested, particularly if you might be attending, we have five different proposed presentations/training sessions and we will be able to offer two of them. We'd like for you to vote on TWO of the following and those that get the most votes before next Sunday, May 25, will be the ones we offer (provided we can secure knowledgeable presenters). Thanks:

Best web practices
Network building
Online fundraising
Integrating online and offline activities
Online Rapid Response Tips and Etiquette

(So far, we have 10 votes and a very close race. Note, if you participated in the nomination phase of this process, you should vote again...)

You can post your responses in comments or e-mail me at

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Broward Democrats said...

Best web practices
Network building