Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Florida Presidential Roundup

FLA Politics (RFK Lives) - Obama, HRC, RFK, and FL.

Daily Kos - Half.

MyDD - Judge Tosses Florida Lawsuit Against DNC.

Truman's Conscience - Florida DNC Suit Denied.

Change in Tallahassee - DNC: We Will Not Count All Of Florida Delegates.

MyDD - Half Votes For Florida?

Blast Off! - Sometimes, stupid people write letters.

Pensito Review (Jon Ponder) - Video: A Compilation of Sexist Comments about Hillary Clinton in the MSM.

BeThink - In Florida, Forging a New Future for America.

Change in Tallahassee - Another Attack On Obama.

Why Now? - Anger Management III.

Blue Herald 2.0 - Obama Meets With Cubans on Level Ground.

The Seminole Democrat - Who will be Barack's veep?

The Seminole Democrat - Barack.

The Spencerian - Q&A: And What About That Whole Civil Rights Thing.

Truman's Conscience - Jacksonville's Hemming Park The Site Of A Saturday Morning Pro Hillary Demonstration.

DFA Miami - Obama VS Hillary: The End.

Miami-Dade Dems - Link to Obama speech to CANF.

FLA Politics - Imagine the fun they could have.

Blast Off! - Today's Daily Schadenfreude: Huggy Bear and the Republicans.

Blast Off! - Professional courtesy.

Incertus (Brian) - Crist as VP?

Blast Off! - Crist and McCain: bosom buddies.

Blast Off! - More Obama video.

Incertus (Brian) - A question about the Newsweek poll.

Miami-Dade Dems - Texting with Obama on the campaign trail.

Dan Gelber - Observations from the O-Train.

AMERICAblog - Hillary was against the Florida primary, but now she's helping Florida Democratic leaders milk a problem they created.

Truman's Conscience - Corrine Brown Calls Out Howard Dean To Seat Florida's Delegates.

Betty Cracker - How to spot a big fat hypocrite.

Incertus (Amy) - Puerto Rico Suddenly Matters to America!

Pensito Review - McCain’s Ambien Use is Cause for Alarm.

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