Thursday, May 1, 2008

Action Alerts

Download & Sign the Petitions - Sign both petitions to make fair districts possible in Florida! (FDF)

Send an E-mail - Help Pass the International Violence Against Women Act. (AI)

Donate Money - Honor a special mother and support Save the Children's mission to help children in need in the United States and around the world. (STC)

Send an E-mail - Veto the Yazoo Pumps. (SOE)

Sign the Petition - Show the Candidates the Many Faces of Climate Change. (1Sky)

Send a Citizen Subpoena - Send your own "Citizens’ Subpoena" and let the House Judiciary Committee know that you demand answers. (ACLU)

Send an E-mail - Demand a Strong Consumer Bill. (PC)

Send an E-mail - Senator McCain: Stop Insulting Women. (Credo)

Adopt-a-penguin (DOW)

Take the Pledge - I pledge to do my part as a citizen to make sure the federal courts are there to protect Americans’ constitutional and legal rights, not undermine them. (PFAW)

Send an E-mail - Time is Short: You can help protect polar bears today. (We)

Send an E-mail - Support House Congressional Resolution. (LAB)

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