Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Challenge

This is the last day we're going to do the challenge on the Responsible Plan exactly like this. I'll let you know about a different take on it starting Monday.

Today's focus is on Bob Hackworth, from District 10. Call him and ask him to sign on the Responsible Plan (details on the plan are at, you could also use the talking points from our endorsement of the plan, or you could use the argument mentioned at OpenLeft showing candidate Darcy Burner gaining ground in her race because of the plan or that she raised more than $500,000 in the first quarter this year running primarily on this issue). You can contact him at: 727-458-4134,

Second is Samm Simpson, challenger in District 10, who has already endorsed the Plan. If you think this was a good thing for her to do, which you should, you can contribute to her campaign here.

Previous plan endorsers are the following:

Larry Byrnes, FL-14

Alan Grayson, FL-8

Joe Garcia, FL-25

Faye Armitage, FL-7

Timothy Cunha, FL-6

Clint Curtis, FL-24

Stephen Blythe, FL-15

Samm Simpson, FL-10

Clyde Malloy, FL-7

Doug Tudor, FL-12

The other challengers who have yet to endorse the plan, and feel free to contact them about the plan, too, are:


James Bryan, 850-652-3350

Robert Peterman, 850-432-2213


Jay McGovern , 904-626-9618,


Carol Castagnero, 863-687-8414,

David Werder, 727-862-3377


Alexander Fry, 407-579-7800,

Michael Smith, 407-574-9296,

Charlie Stuart, 407-999-9899,

Quoc Van, 407-453-4380,


Anita de Palma, 727-239-0621

John Dicks, Web form:

Bill Mitchell, 813-223-1959,


Bob Hackworth, 727-458-4134,


Christine Jennings, 941-366-8121,


Jason King, 239-633-8388


Paul Rancatore, ?


Annette Taddeo, 305-661-6499, Web form:


Raul Martinez, 305-823-8686, or


Paul Renneisen, 954-812-2674,


Ray Sanchez, 561-996-6722,


Suzanne Kosmas, 386-427-0439,

If you contact anyone on the list, please be completely professional and respectful in doing so. The idea isn't to attack these people, it's to let them know that Floridians support this plan and we want our candidates to do the same.

We have set up an ActBlue page for the Florida challengers that have endorsed the plan. You give to one or all of them here.

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