Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More Railroads = Good

This looks like a great expansion of infrastructure spending:

The $787.2 billion economic recovery bill — to be signed by President Barack Obama on Tuesday — dedicates $8 billion to high-speed rail, most of which was added in the final closed-door bargaining at the instigation of White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

It’s a sum that far surpasses anything before attempted in the United States — and more is coming. Administration officials told Politico that when Obama outlines his 2010 budget next week, it will ask for $1 billion more for high-speed rail in each of the next five years.

Great meaning "good idea," not necessarily meaning "lots of spending."

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Your Republican Party Leadership

Michael Steele:

The government doesn't create jobs. Let's get this notion out of our heads that the government creates jobs. Not in the history of mankind has the government ever created a job.

I would've countered that the president has a government-created job. As do the governors and lt. governors of Maryland. But what do I know? Steele backed himself up with impeccable logic:

Trust me.

No, I won't.

Your Republican Party Leadership

RNC's Steele: government created jobs aren't 'real jobs'.

So, jobs that aren't "real" according to Steele: soldier, police officer, teacher, garbage worker, fire fighter, state legislator, doctor, National Guard, nurse, emergency medical technician, and on and on.

The only real jobs, apparently are CEO and minimum-wage slave worker.