Monday, May 5, 2008

Action Alerts

Donate Money - Help the Sarasota Alliance for Fair Election take their caase to the Florida Supreme Court.

Send a Letter to the Editor - Let People Know About the Republican Legislature's Failures. (FDP)

Send an E-mail - Superdelegates must follow the will of voters. (CoC)

Donate Money - Support the Mother's Day Campaign! (PP)

Send an E-mail - Bring Solar Energy Into the Mainstream. (VSI)

Send an E-mail - Loggerhead Sea Turtles Need Your Help. (DOW)

Send an E-mail - Oppose the Voinovich Proposal. (ED)

Sign the Petition - Support Real Investment in Family Planning: It's Time to Double the Money. (PC)

Sign the Petition - Hidden Food Costs: Confined Animal Operations Cost Taxpayers Billions. (UCS)

Send an E-mail - Stop the impunity and demand justice for Bárbara Italia Méndez and the Women of Atenco, Mexico! (AI)

Send an E-mail - Please Support the Global Online Freedom Act, H.R. 275. (AI)

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