Saturday, May 24, 2008

Voting/Nominations Update

You have about 30 hours left to choose presentations or make nominations.

We now have 32 votes towards which presentations we'll be offering at JJ and things are still very competitive. You can check out the five options here and e-mail me at with your two choices. Keep in mind, you should vote even if you aren't going to JJ. There are certainly people who are going who think the way you do and may not see this, so you can represent them. Voting on presentations will end Sunday at midnight and we'll announce the full schedule for the Netroots Conference next week.

As for the nominations for awards, here are the latest totals in each category. Please weigh in on those categories that are lacking in nominations (and others) so we have a fair contest. You can check out a full description of each category here and e-mail me at with your nominations. (Categories that have a * have enough nominees for a fair race. Other categories need more nominations).

So far a total of 65 people have made nominations. Remember, these are not votes, just nominations and nobody needs to be nominated more than once. If you know that someone else has already nominated the person/blog you had in mind, please don't nominate them again. Nominations will close Sunday night at midnight. Voting will begin on Monday, May 26 and run through the following Sunday.

1. Best National Blog: 8 nominees*
2. Best State Blog: 5 nominees*
3. Best Local Blog: 7 nominees*
4. Best Media Blog: 6 nominees*
5. Best Professional Blog: 2 nominees
6. Best Party Website: 2 nominees
7. Best Candidate Website: 13 nominees*
8. Best Local Party Website: 11 nominees*
9. Best Interest Group Website (Amateur) (merged with 19. Best Grassroots Website): 3 nominees
10. Best Interest Group Website (Pro): 4 nominees*
11. Best Writer: 8 nominees*
12. Netroots Candidate of the Year: 5 nominees*
13. Netroots Activist of the Year: 8 nominees*
14. Netroots Organization of the Year: 3 nominees
15. Best New Blogger: 5 nominees*
16. Best Online Campaign: 4 nominees*
17. Best Post: 5 nominees
18. Best Ongoing Series: 6 nominees
20. Florida Progressive Coalition Progressive Hall of Fame: 5 nominees

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