Friday, May 9, 2008

Action Alerts

Donate Money - Help fight Florida's Amendment 2. (FFAF)

Donate Money - Honor your mother by helping fight poverty. (CARE)

Send an E-mail - Tell the Senate: Stop Big Media. (CREDO)

Donate Money - Honor mothers by supporting Planned Parenthood on Mother's Day.

Sign the Petition - Congress: Address Rising Food Prices Now! (C2)

Donate Money - Help support Animal Emergency Services programs. (AHS)

Donate Money - Help Support Iraqi Women and Children this Mother's Day. (CP)

Send an E-mail - PRE-K Act Needs a Push to Get Moving. (NSFS)

Sign the Petition - Stop Bad Judges. (PFAW)

Donate Money - To help stop bad judges. (PFAW)

Send an E-mail - Tell Speaker Pelosi: No Compromises on Illegal Wiretapping. (CREDO)

Donate Money - Help victims of the Myanmar cyclone. (MC)

Sing the Petition - Hold Iraq Contractors Accountable. (TM)

Donate Money - Hold politicians accountable for the special political favors they do for their campaign contributors. (CMW)

Join - The Healthy Teens Coalition.

Send an E-mail - Stop the U.S. from renewing Lethal Shooting Contracts. (AI)

Send an E-mail - Investigate Don Young for Corruption. (CC)

Sign the Petition - Tell The Senate Judiciary Committee: No More Bush Judges. (CREDO)

Send an E-mail - Tell Your Senators to Put Polar Bears First. (NRDC)

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