Thursday, May 22, 2008

Florida Progressive Radio Welcomes Progress Florida

Remember all that talk we've been having about what Florida's progressive movement really needs is some funding to go toward progressive infrastructure in the state? It's here. Say hello to Progress Florida.

Based on Progress Now and other successful state efforts, this organization is based on a proven model and is likely to have a significant impact on politics here in the Sunshine State. Conservatives and Republicans should be scared.

The organization's mission:

Progress Florida is based on core progressive principles such as community, equal opportunity, security and freedom. We are a nonprofit organization promoting progressive values through online organizing, media outreach and networking with Florida's leading progressive organizations. Our issues include economic fairness, health care reform, environmental protection, ensuring great public schools and more. We advocate for sensible policy solutions and hold politicians' feet to the fire by empowering citizens in their communities.

And they aren't waiting to get started. They already have two campaigns going: Stop Developers From Paving the Everglades (Which has gathered nearly 1,000 signatures in less than two days), and
uncovering the truth about John Stemberger, the fundie behind the Hate Amendment.

But they aren't just focused on single-issue campaigns like these, they are focused on four key goals:

1. Building a stronger progressive movement in Florida
2. Winning advances in progressive public policy
3. Generating hard hitting traditional and new media coverage
4. Increasing civic participation and educate voters

In achieving these goals, they've already reached out to a diverse group of Florida progressive activists from a variety of backgrounds. Our old pal Ray Seaman is their Online director and their steering and advisory committees include other Netroots people such as myself, Pamela Burch Fort of the Fort Report and other bloggers. They also are working with activists who have worked with/for Florida PIRG, AFL-CIO, and many other traditional activist groups.

A key part of their work is the amazing website that you should visit and join immediately. It has a similar set-up to the DNC Party Builder website and allows users to take action, write letters to the editor, plan events, blog, and engage in social networking much like sites like MySpace and Facebook, only with a specific orientation to Florida progressive politics. This will soon be the central place for Florida progressive activists to congregate. Get in on it early.

If you are interested in learning more, you can visit the website or tune in to Florida Progressive Radio today at 4:30, when we'll talk to the leaders of the organization.

The organization has already gotten some news coverage from Central Florida Political Pulse and Naked Politics.

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