Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Run-off?

An FDP e-mail from earlier tonight floated the idea of a run-off in Florida between the top two finishers in Florida. This is definitely a idea worth considering. We have a long historical precedent with run-off primaries in Florida. It allows full participation for both candidates. It allows for full participation of the voters. It is within the rules as far as I can tell. It doesn't send the message that the January 29 vote was meaningless. The only concern, it seems is the cost. Rubio said the legislature won't pay for it. The DNC doesn't appear to have the money. Who will pay? My suggestion? Obama and Clinton raised a combined $85 million in February compared to a mere $12 million for McCain. This is primary money. What better way to spend it than to fund a run-off in Florida (and something for Michigan as well, although it couldn't be a run-off)? What better way to make it up to the voters of Florida and signal McCain that Florida is on the table.

You're welcome.

(The Spencerian has the full text of the e-mail).

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