Monday, March 10, 2008

Action Alerts

Hillsborough -- Sign Petition: Bring equal representation to all the communities in Hillsborough County by changing the Board of County Commission to 7 single-member districts (CECR)

Donate Money: Help fund our campaign to reveal the horrible damage Elaine Chao has done to workers' rights. (ARAW)

Send an E-Mail: Protect the Yukon Flats From Oil and Gas Development (TWS)

Donate Money: Donate to the League of Conservation Voters and have your dollars doubled! (LCV)

Donate Money: Help Us Save Whales Today! (HS)

Sign Petition: Demand Real Protection for Giant Sequoia National Monument (SC)

Send an E-mail: Tell the Senate to Veto the FCC (FP)

Send an E-mail: Tell the EPA to protect children from dangerous airborne lead (NRDC)

Send an E-mail: Urge Your Senators to Shift Budget Priorities (FCNL)

Donate Money: Help support Democracy for America (DFA)

Send an E-mail: Don't Allow Discrimination in Text-Messaging (WA)

Sign Petition: Tell 2008 Presidential Candidates Your Ideas About Nuclear Nonproliferation (BWC)

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