Sunday, March 16, 2008

NOI Summit Session 8 -- Media

10:47: This session is led by Cliff Schecter of BraveNewFilms. The session is largely about how to handle media appearances.

Cliff running the show

10:48: Use body language and verbal language to communicate that the other side is wrong.

10:49: Use humor, have a smile on your face. If you have passion, that needs to come across.

10:55: Start off in the interview by being very polite from the beginning, help make the other side uncomfortable with one-liners, quips that are funny but can throw the other side off its game.

10:56: Factual knowledge is very powerful and make the other side defend themselves rather than you going on the defensive.

10:57: If your eyes dart to a monitor, you look guilty, so avoid it. Tape a picture of the person you are talking to the monitor (for a live remote) or keep a monitor of the other person on so you can see them. Remember that you are on the air and that people are watching so you have to be on your game.

11:00: Cliff's view is that either he's going to talk or nobody is going to talk, don't let the host badger you or control the conversation. You don't have to play along with their rules.

11:02: Get there early and be really nice to the staff and producers and they'll remember you and it gives you an advantage and help at a later time.

11:08: The key is to stay on offense. You have to be confident, stay on message and put them on the defense.

11:10: A good plan is to give a few good examples and then go into a list of factual details that shows your side is right and the other side is wrong.

11:12: As a blogger, they will try to paint you as the "angry blogger," but don't let that happen.

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Sadly the war and subsequent occupation have already accomplished their task. That being to put the country in so much debt that we will not be able to afford the social programs we have much less create new ones like universal health care.