Sunday, March 16, 2008

NOI Summit --Special Session

11:34: In between sessions, we got a bonus session here with Congressional candidate Darcy Burner, Brian Katulis, and Matt Stoller.

Darcy Burner

11:35: Burner says that the media narrative that the war is no longer an issue to voters is completely at odds with what voters are telling her.

11:36: Tomorrow, a group of candidates are going to roll out a comprehensive plan to discuss the national security narrative and get us out of Iraq in a comprehensive and positive way.

11:41: Burner says politicians are a lot like golden retrievers, if you give them a biscuit, they'll repeat their positive behavior.

11:48: This plan will be rolled out Monday and will be online at

11:55: This plan will help identify those candidates who really support progressive ideas about the war, who are willing to work for change and who are willing to take a risk in order to improve the country.

11:59: Key points of the plan:

No residual troops

A diplomatic surge

Doing humanitarian aid

Calling an international summit to deal with the problems in Iraq

Fixing the structures in this country that let us get in this problem in the first place

Ending signing statements

End use of private military contractors

(And more)

12:00: This plan will draw a lot more volunteers and money to campaigns, so candidates who endorse this are likely to get a boost from progressive voters.

12:01: This plan has been seriously considered by military experts.

12:03: A lot of the plan comes from listening to what voters, bloggers and activists have said about the war and related issues.

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