Wednesday, March 26, 2008

McCain Is Lying and Breaking the Law

The Republican nominee for president is in violation of campaign finance laws. Mike Stark has a great summary:

In a nutshell, McCain signed on to public financing when it looked like his campaign was finished and he needed the matching funds to pay off remnant debts. He pledged those matching funds as collateral so that he could secure more financing. For legal purposes, he might as well have spent the funds: he used the promise of receipt to secure an advantage.

firedoglake has a lot more (Jane Hamsher, on behalf of many others, is behind the official complaint that is being filed against McCain). See Jane file the complaint:

Jason Rosenbaum has more:

You see, McCain has spent $58.4 million on his campaign so far, surpassing the $54 million limit for public financing.

You can sign the complaint letter here

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