Thursday, March 27, 2008

Action Alerts

Donate money: Give to Clint Curtis for Congress before the end of the quarter 3/31.

Donate money: Give to Suzanne Kosmas for Congress before the end of the quarter 3/31.

(Candidates who would like to appear on this list should e-mail me or put me on your mailing list, my e-mail is

Send an E-mail: Demand a pledge from Clinton, McCain, and Obama to enact the DREAM Act in their first 100 days. (ADD)

Write Your Healthcare Story: If you have a negative personal experience with the health care system, write it in. (DGA)

Donate Money: Help elect a 60-seat majority in the Senate. (DSCC)

Sign the Petition: Join the Petition Drive for a National Cesar E. Chavez Holiday! (UFW)

Donate Money: To stand with Tibet. (TM)

Sign the Petition: Protect Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest. (TWS)

Send an E-mail: Congress Must Protect Our Drinking Water. (LCV)

Vote: Choose the 2009 Defenders Calendar Cover. (DOW)

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