Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Action Alerts

U.S.-14 District Residents Sign Petitions to get Larry Byrnes on the Ballot: Petitions must be submitted by Monday and the campaign is very close to hitting the magic number.

Send an e-mail: Help Save Florida's Religious Protection Clause from the Chopping Block. (PFAW)

Sign the Petition: Seat Florida & Michigan Delegates NOW!

Endorse the Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq

Send an e-mail: Keep Medicare Fair.

Send an e-mail: Stand with Tibet. (TM)

Create an Original PSA: Create a video to help fight to keep kids of tobacco. (CTFK)

Send an e-mail: Fight McCain, Not Each Other! (DFA)

Send a letter to voters: About the Real John McCain. (NARAL)

Sign the Petition: Healthcare NOT Warfare. (PDA)

Send a Letter to the Editor: Letting people know about the real costs of the Iraq War. (TM)

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