Saturday, March 15, 2008

NOI Summit Session 5 -- Bridging the Blogosphere Divides

3:28: There are clearly divides in the blogosphere, based on race, gender, sexuality.

3:38: Code words are being used in the body politic that have a history and that send race-based appeals in a negative way.

3:41: Links are currency and there isn't enough linking to blogs with different voices. On the national level, this has gone far enough that a separate afrosphere has been created.

3:50: There are a lot of basically separate spheres in the blogosphere that often have barriers as far as conversation, linking, etc.

4:00: There is a lot of discussion in the black community about being ignored by the Democratic Party and there is potential for serious danger to the party. This is just as true with other communities as well.

4:02: Some people assume or say that simply because someone is progressive that they "get it" on every issue. They don't always.

4:05: We have to reach out on both sides of these divides.

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