Tuesday, March 25, 2008

McCain Has No Plan to Deal With Mortgage Crisis

This makes me feel really confident, particularly considering the fact that Florida is particularly negatively affected by this problem. What is McCain going to do? He doesn't know:

"Time and again John McCain shows that he doesn't care to understand the challenges facing Florida's families. On his signature issue, the Iraq War, McCain has appeared dangerously confused about a key fact of the situation there. On the issue he admitted he knows little about, the economy, today's speech does little to reassure Floridians who are carrying the burden of this Republican recession," Florida Democratic Party spokesman Alejandro Miyar said.

"Many Floridians can't afford to pay their mortgages and others are held hostage in homes with plummeting market values. But instead of offering plans to help or deal with the problem, John McCain is content to let people rot," Miyar said. "The fact is that McCain supports the same Bush economic policies that got us into this mess in the first place, from the huge tax cuts for the extremely wealthy to the reckless special interest handouts to the billions being spent in Iraq every month."

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