Saturday, March 15, 2008

NOI Summit Session 3 -- Blogging As A Business

1:35: Julie Fanselow of RedStateRebels is leading this discussion, which is set up as a brainstorming sesson.

Working for a campaign or working for a candidate (as a blogger)

Working for a progressive nonprofit or creating one (as a blogger)

Have high enough traffic to bring in ad revenue

Sell audience access (e-mail lists/readers/etc.) to groups

1:40: A benefit for advertisers on blogs is that the audience that reads the blog is much higher-level.

1:41: Create a postcard of how people can make money at your site and send it out.

1:42: If you don't have a donate button on your blog, then you don't understand how it works.

1:43: In larger donor circles, it's difficult to raise money unless you are a non-profit (501c3).

1:45: Center for Independent Media offers "fellows" money for blogging in certain states (Florida isn't currently one of them).

1:47: Syndication model. People pay into a fund and can reproduce media on their own websites.

1:49: Media Matters has worked with specific bloggers with money to blog on media issues.

1:51: ChipIn is a widget that can be used to raise funds.

1:53: GoogleAds, Blogads and other well-known services.

1:55: Click To Blue is new progressive ad service.

2:06: If you do freelance work for various organizations, create a rate card and standards and the like.

2:12: Create a state Blog Hive.

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