Saturday, March 29, 2008

Action Alerts

The first fundraising quarter of the year ends on 3/31. Pick your favorite candidate and slip them a bit of money...

Donate Money: To Stephen Blyte for U.S. House District 15.

Donate Money: To Clint Curtis for U.S. House District 24. (Also through ActBlue)

Donate Money: To Judy "JJ" Juliano for Fla. House District 72.

Donate Money: To Suzanne Kosmas for U.S. House District 24.

Donate Money: To Mark LaFontaine for Fla. House 92.

(Candidates who would like to appear on this list should e-mail me or put me on your mailing list, my e-mail is

Make a Phone Call: Call Rep. Frank Attkisson at 850 488-8992 and tell him you are calling him to "urge him to calendar the Equal Rights Amendment Ratification bill 8001 as soon as possible.

Sign the Petition: Congresswoman Wasserman-Schultz, Step Up or Step Down.

Donate Money: Support the candidates who support the Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq. (Including Florida's Larry Byrnes)

Sign the Petition: Stop the Stop-Loss. (Credo)

Donate Money: Keep Medicare Fair. (AARP)

Donate Money: Please donate now to the Choice Challenge 2008 Fund and DOUBLE what we can do to protect a woman’s right to choose. (NARAL)

Sign the Petition: Lift Women Out of Poverty with the GROWTH Act. (CARE)

Donate Money: Support Russ Feingold's Progressive Patriots Fund.

Send an E-mail: Justice for the Angola 3. (COC)

Donate Money: To save the Supreme Court. (PFAW)

Create a Video: Obama in 30 Seconds. (MoveOn)

Finally, Call Your Legislator (AARP):

The House of Representatives in the Florida State Legislature is proposing changes to the state budget that could affect some of our frailest citizens. Since 2001, AARP has fought to increase minimum staffing standards in nursing homes, which were finally realized in 2007. These increased staffing levels have contributed to a higher quality of care for residents. Yesterday, the House Healthcare Council presented the Chairman’s recommendations for the House Budget which removed minimum nursing home staffing standards for 2 years!

What this means is that nursing homes will have no minimum staffing standards in place for the next two years. Currently if a home goes below the staffing standards they are not allowed to admit any new residents until they return to required staffing levels. This would remove that provision and allow facilities to continue to admit new residents no matter the staffing level.

Lori Parham, AARP Florida State Director, issued a release yesterday stating, “Florida’s nursing-home staffing standards were enacted for good reason. The suffering of a frail elder harmed by poor care can be unbearable. Many residents harmed by poor care never regain lost ground. We urge the members of the House Policy and Budget Council to reject this irresponsible proposal. This recommendation is unacceptable and, frankly, appalling.”

We urge you to contact your State Representative to express your concern regarding this proposal. In essence, these impacts are taking the nursing out of nursing homes and could affect you, your loved ones, friends or family who may reside in nursing facilities. Please contact your House member and tell them to vote against the budget if this provision remains. Your House member, Representative Loranne Ausley may be reached locally at (850) 488-0965.

Please contact your legislator today in opposition of this proposal.

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