Thursday, July 17, 2008

NN08: Wesley Clark

8:17: Clark says that the bloggers are the ones who really tell the truth and that he owes a lot to them.

8:20: He only ran for president because people on the Internet made it possible and pushed him to do it.

8:22: The voices of bloggers helped lead to the meeting today in Europe where the Bush administration is meeting directly with representatives of the Iranian government in order to work out the problems between the two countries.

8:24: "You'll never get Americans to believe that Democrats will defend them until Democrats stand up and defend each other."

8:25: "We have to make more friends and fewer enemies in the world."

8:26: Our economy can't be about getting more perks and pay to CEOs, we need to help the working people instead.

8:27: Everyone who wants to college should be able to go. Every American has a right to health care.

8:32: Clark says that bloggers are very important for the future of America. The Netroots are leaders and they can lead us forward toward positive change.

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