Thursday, July 17, 2008

NN08: DFA Caucus

Arshad Hasan specifically talked about the process for DFA endorsements that involves talking to grassroots people on the ground in the area and trusting them. He even specifically gave a shout-out to Susan S. about a recent endorsement.

Several DFA-endorsed candidates have dropped by to talk to the caucus – Darcy Burner & Charlie Brown.

Burner talked about how important the work the DFA chapters are doing is.

Brown talked about how grassroots action and fundraising have really made his race a legitimately competitive race in a formerly strongly Republican district. He told us to keep working at it and never give up, because what we're doing works.

Jim Dean thanked a lot of people for the hard work that they do, but pointed out that it is the hard work of registering voters and knocking on doors that will change the country and that are a lot of DFA people around the country who are making these things happen.

Brown would like to see every candidate around the country donate 5% of their campaign funds to help veterans in their communities. He's doing it and others could do it to.

DFA is planning their training schedule for 2009 and Tallahassee is going to apply.

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