Sunday, July 13, 2008

Action Alerts

Join the Fairness for All Families Campaign

Send an e-mail - Keep Medicare Fair (AARP)

Sign the petition - FOX must stop injecting racism, prejudice, and fear into our political dialogue (MoveOn)

Donate Money - Triple Your Support to Protect Ocelots! (ED)

Send an e-mail - Another farm worker just died from heat stroke (UFW)

Send an e-mail - Stop the Polar Bear Whitewash (DoW)

Sign the petition - Thank Congress for Funding Humanitarian Efforts in West Africa (Project Hope)

Sign the petition - Non-Profit Downpayment Assistance Programs in Jeopardy! (TNP)

Sign the petition - BLM: Don't Kill Our Wild Horses (Care2)

Sign the petition - Object to Privacy-Invading FISA Law (ACLU)

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