Saturday, July 19, 2008

NN08: Donna Edwards

Okay. Last Netroots Nation event. Blogged live from mt blackberry, so it'll be a bit slow and may have a few typos.

The netroots and grasroots, she says, were responsible for her win.

Bloggers changed the entire landscape.

We let someone into the insider club who represents working people and women and African-Americans, etc.

Bloggers sent a message to the Democratic Party and Democratic Congress that we must have better Democrats.

She says that the internet is democratizing politics.

We need more Democrats, for sure, but we MUST have better Democrats.

She's proud to be a member of the vast left-wing conspiracy.

Edwards mentioned that she needs more help and that there are a lot of great candidates out there. I yelled out Joe Garcia and she agreed with me and repeated his name, agreeing with me that Joe is a great candidate.

She says she can afford the $50 fill-up, but what about the average person who can't?

She is very strongly opposed to driiling off Florida for more oil.

We want a health care system that isn't about propping up the insurance industry.

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