Monday, July 21, 2008

Netroots Nation Coverage

Here is a complete round-up of our coverage of Netroots Nation and the coverage done by other Floridians (or about topics relevant to Floridians)...

Florida Progressive Coalition/Florida Speaks Coverage

*NN08: Taking the Populist Uprising to the States
*NN08: Donna Edwards
*NN08: Marketing and Monetizing Your Progressive Blog
*NN08: Lawrence Lessig
*NN08: Ask the Speaker with Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore
*NN08: Working from the Inside Out: Success Stories in Netroots Organizing
*NN08: DFA Caucus
*NN08: Different Tones and Wider Nets
*NN08: Howard Dean
*NN08: Wesley Clark
*NN08 Update
*NN08: DFA Training - Volunteer Recruitment, Management & Development

Radio Shows from Netroots Nation

*Jeffrey Feldman (coming tomorrow)
*More From Netroots Nation: "The Big Show": Joe Garcia, Candidate, FL Congress, District 25
*Live From Netroots Nation: "The Big Show" Jim Dean, Chairman, Democracy for America
*Live from Netroots Nation: Howard Dean and the "Register For Change" Rally
*Live From Netroots Nation: "The Big Show" Arshad Hasan, Executive Director for Democracy for America
*Interview with Gina Cooper - Alison Morano Reports from Netroots Nation

Coverage from Other Florida Blogs

*BeThink: Netroots Nation 2008; A Dream Realized
*MadFloridian: Live from Netroots Nation in Austin: Markos vs Harold Ford
* NN08: Annette Taddeo Is a 'Future Leader'
*Achieving Our Country: Showing It To The Speaker
* Joe Garcia is Cool
*Miami-Dade Dems: Netroots pal
* Matt Stoller Talks Sense About Obama's Fundraising
* Off to Netroots Nation
*Miami-Dade Dems: Finally in Austin: Netroots Nation starts on Thursday

Coverage from other states with some Florida content

*Daily Kos: Pittsburgh Bound
*Daily Kos: NN08: Tell Us What You Thought
*The Trail: What Do the Netroots Want? Straw Poll Offers Answers
*Open Left: Netroots Nation
*Pam's House Blend: Netroots Nation: livestreaming - your blogmistress
*SquareState: Netroots Nation State Blog Caucus

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