Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Good Obama

From now on, I'll briefly highlight actual policy positions of both presidential campaigns and what I think of those positions. This is a good statement from Obama:

“Today, the U.S. Senate took a major step forward in addressing the needs of seniors and military families all across this nation. At a time when doctors are facing double digit increases in the costs of providing care, I am proud to have joined with my colleagues to stop a devastating cut in physician reimbursement that would have caused them to shut the door to many Medicare and Tricare beneficiaries. John McCain has said that he would have opposed this bill, demonstrating yet again that he’s more than willing to put the interests of the health insurance industry over our nation’s 44 million seniors and 9 million uniformed service members,” said Senator Barack Obama.

If this had gone through, Florida would've lost $1.3 billion by December of next year, averaging a loss of $25,000 per doctor who accepts Medicare. More importantly, more than 200 thousand employees would've lost their jobs and nearly four million patients on Medicare and TRICARE would've lost some or all of their coverage. At a time when the economy sucks, this would've compounded the many problems the state faces.

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