Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More on Torture (Addition to Blast Off! Radio)

On Blast Off! radio Monday, the topic of torture came up. Sinfonian gave several great arguments as to why torture doesn't work, why it's wrong and the like. I wanted to expand on one thing.

A commenter (as a devil's advocate) asked the typical conservative question about the ticking time bomb scenario, as in, would you approve torture if you knew it would stop a bomb in an American city. Sinfonian correctly answered no and gave his reasons. I have an additional reason -- the scenario is nonsense in the first place. Name me one situation in the history of the world where this actually happened. I'll bet you can't. Because it's a fictional situation used in TV and movies. There is almost no chance where we will have in custody someone who knows the exact details of a bomb that is about to go off. Not going to happen.

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