Sunday, April 19, 2009


The latest links to the information you need to counter right-wing spin...

Obama gets tough with pirates

Fox did not cover the Million Man March

Bush shook hands with nondemocratic foreign leaders, too

Waterboarding has a very low success rate

Obama is a popular president

Fox is hypocritical in complaints about tea bag parties

Fox News, not the people, is the driving force behind the tea bag parties

The American people want the government to seize the assets of oil companies

Maersk crew members cite union membership as key to dealing with pirate attack

The tea bag parties were a failure and gave Obama a victory

Almost every American pays federal taxes

In 2010, Bush Tax Cuts Will Give Millionaires More In Tax Breaks Than 90% Of Americans Will Earn In Income

The Obama tax cut is not $10 per person, it's $400 per person

The government is not investigating only right-wing extremists

John Paul Stevens calls himself conservative, not liberal

The tea bag parties were about Obama hatred

Conservatives aren't that dominant on Twitter

Obama did not cut the defense budget

They aren't all the same camera

The Iowa gay marriage ruling does not affect churches

The American people don't believe that Obama has made us less safe

Obama never proposed nationalized health care

The American people think the taxes they pay are fair

Nancy Pelosi isn't going to confiscate anyone's guns

Welfare reform was a failure

We're Not at War With Islam

Obama's Defense budget does not disarm America or cut funds for troops in the field

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