Saturday, April 11, 2009


The latest links to the information you need to counter right-wing spin...

The Free Market Does Not Work In Health Care

Spontaneous Uprising? Corporate Lobbyists Helping To Orchestrate Radical Anti-Obama Tea Party Protests

Hannity still issuing false warnings of Obama defense cuts

Media Guide to Covering Teabagging Disaster

Without evidence, Wash. Times claimed Obama "reneged" on campaign promises

NY Times omitted DoD response to claim that canceling FCS vehicle production would endanger troops

National Organization for Marriage's hired guns for fact-free hate

New sea ice data further bury George Will's global warming credibility

Fox News' Carlson falsely claimed "Social Security [is] already bankrupt"

On Marketplace, Wilkinson ignored economists who say New Deal aided recovery

Hannity misinforms on defense budget, missile defense

Human Events allowed McInerney to invoke false ACORN bogeyman in defense-budget attack

Media figures advance false claim that Obama ceded economic sovereignty at G-20 summit

To The Washington Post Editors: George Will’s ‘Arctic Climate Research Center’ Is A Right-Wing Fabrication

Scarborough claimed Pew poll "said [Obama] split the country," but Pew official reportedly disputed that conclusion

Ignoring Gates' comments, Hill article uncritically quotes retired general criticizing missile defense policy changes

Scarborough Lies About Obama: ‘We Have A President Who Has Never Received A Paycheck’

Hannity falsely claimed Obama administration "taking steps to cut defense spending"

NY Times uncritically reported GOP claim that F-22 cuts mean Obama "refuses to fund programs critical to our national defense"

Socialist health care is the worst

Media advance discredited GOP calculation of Obama cap-and-trade proposal cost

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