Friday, June 6, 2008

There Is A Difference

While it is obvious that Obama is not as progressive as many of us are, he is certainly a progressive. He has a lifetime Progressive Punch ( score of 88.43%. That means, regardless of image, rhetoric or any of that other nonsense, he votes in the more progressive direction 88.43% of the time. How does that compare? Liberal stalwart Russ Feingold has an 89.67%. Hillary Clinton is 90.99%. So, the huge difference between Clinton and Obama is 2.5%. That's it. And this is not based on an individual vote or even a few votes, this is the most comprehensive voting analysis I've ever seen. John McCain has a progressive punch score of 13.9%. There is a clear difference between Obama and McCain. There is little to no difference, policy-wise, between Clinton and Obama. Our goals should be:

a. Get Barack Obama into the White House
b. Make Barack Obama more progressive

I'm not sure what the rest of the conversation is even about.

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