Thursday, June 19, 2008

Action Alerts

Sign the Pledge: Say No to 7 and 9 (Progress Fla)

Send an e-mail No to drilling our coasts! (Sierra Club)

Donate Money - Give in to Garcia: Mario Diaz-Balart gave in to the special interest groups to raise campaign money. Let’s help Joe Garcia fight back by matching Bush’s money dollar for dollar (ActBlue)

Send an e-mail - Urge Your Representative to Support Strong Climate Legislation (UCS)

Donate Money - to defend habeus corpus (AFJ)

Donate money - Fight to keep hunters away from endangered polar bears (DoW)

Send an e-mail - Vote No to Another Year of War (UfP&J)

Send an e-mail - Tell Congress to fund green jobs and grants (1Sky)

Send an e-mail - Help Pass the International Violence Against Women Act (AI)

Sign the Petition telling AP not to mess around with fair use rules (UAP)

Sign the Guestbook to affirm marriage equality and support Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon on a marriage 55 years in the making (PFAW)

Sign the Petition to provide food security for all (CRS)

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