Monday, June 30, 2008

Action Alerts

Sign the petition - Save a Masterpiece of Modern Architecture in Sarasota! (WMF)

Sign the Petition - Thank General Clark for His Straight Talk, Tell Him To Not Back Down (VV)

Send an e-mail - Thank Your Senators For Cleaning Up Shipping Pollution! (ED)

Send an e-mail - Tell Trader Joe's to Chuck the Excuses (UFW)

Sign the petition - Tell Fox to Stop the Smears (MoveOn)

Sign the Petition - Tell Senator Obama: Hang up on Big Telecom (Credo)

Send an e-mail - Tell Congress Not to Drill the Arctic Refuge (TWS)

Donate money - Double Your Support to Protect Ocelots! (ED)

Donate money - Support Planned Parenthood

Send an e-mail - Tell Congress You Don't Buy the Lie! (NRDC)

Send an e-mail - Tell Congress that More Must Be Done about Hunger! (Care)

Sign the petition - Stop Fiscal Irresponsibility - Washington Needs a Fiscal Wakeup (PPF)

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