Friday, June 27, 2008

The Federal Judiciary Sucks

In the past 28 years, 20 of those years saw Republican presidents appointing federal judges to lifetime appointments. They focused almost solely on right-wing activists -- many members of the Federalist Society or graduates of Liberty University Law School -- who care little about the wording or intent of the Constitution and only pursue a radical conservative agenda through the very judicial activism they decry. There were several rulings this week at the Supreme Court that fit this mold completely and one directly affecting Florida, that came from a lower federal court:

A federal judge has refused to block a new version of a Florida voter registration law that critics say could keep thousands of people from casting ballots this year.

The conservative argument on this one is nonsense -- they say it is designed to fight voter fraud, something they provide no evidence exists in any significant way. But the law clearly causes voter disenfranchisement, something there is already a lot of. A ruling from early this year on picture identification requirement gives me no confidence that a higher court will overturn this. What it means is that activist conservative judges will be denying thousands of Floridians the lawful right to vote -- many of them because of typos or filing errors made by low-paid government clerks, errors that won't be obvious to any voter until they go to vote. Just when it becomes impossible to fix the problem.

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Ian said...

It would help when you write that you actually had factual information to support your conclusion. FYI Liberty Law School was started in 2004, graduating its first class in 2007. Since then, many graduates have gone on to get jobs with top law firms and within government, however none of them with the Bush Administration, or were nominated to fill judicial roles. The law school you are referring to is Regent University. The percentages are alot lower than you seem to represent though.