Friday, June 20, 2008

Your Help Is Needed

Iraqi Red Crescent - - is the only humanitarian agency still functioning in all regions of Iraq and serving Iraqis across all sectarian lines.

IRC team members have been the targets of kidnappers and death squads - and they have been persistently harassed by US forces with numerous attacks on their offices. They have persisted in their work - with a primary focus on providing food relief and water supplies as well as emergency services. When there is a suicide bombing, IRC workers rush to the scene and dig out the victims. During the assault on Basra, Red Crescent workers were ordered not to go out to save people as it was too dangerous - they ignored the order and save many civilians caught in the crossfire.

We'd like to ask other blogs to consider posting on Friday asking readers to make a donation - no matter how small - to the Iraqi Red Crescent. We would like to pull together a list and acknowledge the blogs participating in our post at FDL on Friday - and friends in the IRC would like to receive a list so they can share the posts with IRC workers to let them know that there work is appreciated -and that Americans are donating to support humanitarian aid to Iraq.

Donations from the US must be processed by the International Red Cross/Red Crescent but 100% of the funds go directly to Iraqi Red Crescent. Donations are made by clicking on and selecting "Iraq Humanitarian Relief" where it says "I'd like my donation to go to"

Amnesty International has a new Report on Iraqi Refugees here which has very valuable information.

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