Monday, September 21, 2009

FOX: Obama Called It Right

When President Obama appeared on five sunday talk shows, without an appearance with the Fox News Channel, a few critics decided that it was a display of weakness or that Obama was avoiding Americans. One was Fox Sunday host Chris Wallace, who stated on his show:

"Every president is thin-skinned but I wonder whether this administration, this White House has a particular problem with criticism. … Not talking about just us but just the attitude of this White House. Whatever happened to reaching out to all Americans?"

ThinkProgress reminds us that his own network made the decision not to broadcast Obama's Speech to Congress on Health Care last week. In light of that many are led to think it is the Fox Network that doesn't hold the interest of reaching out to all Americans.

Within the video Obama is criticized for his many appearances, citing how many interviews he has been doing and that they exceeded interviews compared to Clinton and Bush. Yet, in the same video he is condemned for not making an appearance on the Sunday show. Maybe Obama would have considered an interview with Chris Wallace if his show didn't have dead last ratings of all other Sunday News Shows.

These are the released comments from the white house in regards to the decision:
We figured Fox would rather show "So You Think You Can Dance"
than broadcast an honest discussion about health insurance reform.

Fox is an ideological outlet where the president has been interviewed before and will likely be interviewed again;
not that their whining particularly strengthens their case for participation any time soon.

Although Wallace describes Obama's decline to appear as petty and childish, he does not account the plethora of insignificant accusations made by the network's own hosts and anchors. The White house has ample reason behind their comment. Jon Scott, Anchor on Fox, spins into his interviews that Obama is to blame for the Bush-induced recession, explaining:

"I mean, you know, it’s been pretty obvious since about September that he was going to win this presidency. It’s not like he hasn’t had some amount of time to gear up and get ready for the job he’s got."

The President has also been labeled as a racist and compared to Hitler on the network from people like Hannity and Beck. With Beck's dipping loss of sponsors, that wasn't the only reaction to his consequential remarks and the significance of the channel's entirety.

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