Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5 National Stories to Read


This is our regular feature where every day I do a post with the top 5 Florida political stories that people are talking about. Each story will include a link to a summary of the story, my brief comment and links to other blogs talking about the story.

1. Insurance costs have increased 131% since 1999, but my premiums have gone up 300%: That about sums up the root of the problem, doesn't it? Insurance companies ARE the problem.

2. 35% of New Jersey conservatives think Obama is the anti-Christ and are willing to proclaim it: How many more keep it secret? And who thought to ask that particular question in a phone survey? And why are at least 35% of New Jersey conservatives fucking nuts?

3. Max Baucus releases his health care plan: What a joke. Now can we move on with a real plan?

Additional reading:

Nelson backs Baucus bill

4. Senate approves guns on trains: Bill Nelson votes yes. Why are so many politicians so cowed by the gun lobby that they vote in stupid shit like this so they don't run afoul of the NRA and its clones.

5. FDP Netroots Caucus Awards for 2009: If you haven't voted yet, you need to get to it.

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