Thursday, September 24, 2009

Florida Ed Boards Unimpressed With Crist Senate pick

Tampa Tribune Editorial: Crist sends friend to Washington

“In choosing his longtime political confidante and former chief of staff George LeMieux to fill Mel Martinez' seat in the U.S. Senate, Gov. Charlie Crist did what he usually does: what's best for Charlie.”

Orlando Sentinel Editorial: It's all about Mr. Crist

“It's also not hard to imagine Mr. LeMieux lending his ear to some interests more than others. An attorney, Mr. LeMieux's firm represents U.S. Sugar and Florida Power & Light, among other corporate clients. We hope he'll show better sense than extending them carte blanche… Floridians can thank Mr. Martinez for this state of affairs. For no good reason he quit on them. And they can thank Mr. Crist, who in his choice of Mr. LeMieux again placed his interests above theirs.”

Palm Beach Post Editorial: Charlie's cardboard cutout

“The honest thing would have been for Gov. Crist to appoint himself to Mel Martinez's former Senate seat. The governor's choice of his stunt double should fool no one…With Florida at its most fragile since World War II, it is infuriating to have a governor who so clearly places his future above the state's. His mind is in Washington, and his body should have followed.”

Florida Today Editorial: Crist’s alter ego

“He named his former campaign manager, chief of staff and best buddy George LeMieux to the job in a display of cronyism that put his own political ambition ahead of the best interests of Florida residents. LeMieux will arrive in the Senate as it debates issues with huge implications for our nation and state, with health care reform topping the list. But he’s never held elected office, is not versed on the issues and knows nothing about Capitol Hill. There is, however, one area where he’s an expert: Displaying absolute loyalty to Crist to the point of being his alter ego. Someone whose every Senate move will likely be orchestrated with Crist for the benefit of his own 2010 Senate campaign.”

St. Petersburg Times Editorial: Self-serving choice

“Crist's selection of George LeMieux, his former campaign manager and chief of staff, should come as no surprise. It's just one more disappointing decision by Crist in recent months that puts his self-interest in going to Washington above the best interests of Floridians…Like Martinez, who resigned after concluding his homesickness trumped his duty to the people of Florida, Crist has let his own personal ambition guide his judgment. How utterly disappointing for a man who likes to call himself the "People's Governor.”

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