Thursday, September 17, 2009

5 National Stories to Read


This is our regular feature where every day I do a post with the top 5 Florida political stories that people are talking about. Each story will include a link to a summary of the story, my brief comment and links to other blogs talking about the story.

1. Michael Steele, "Voicing opposition to the president’s policy proposals is not being a racist. It is being an American.... As an African American, I know what racism is and that is not racism.": Good straw man, Michael. No one said that opposing the president's policies was racist. We said that the ridiculous words and actions engaged in by many of those who oppose his policies are racist. Because many of them are.

2. Apparently the enforcement of immigration laws led to racial profiling: What a shocker. Race-based laws leading to racial discrimination.

3. The racist white man who beat up a black woman in front of her daughter? Out on bail: I guess we really are in a post-racial America.

4. LeMieux puts a hold on federal drilling bill: One of what, 2-3 good things the placeholder will do while in Washington?

Additional reading:

Pushing Rope: Lemieux Hold On Offshore Drilling

5. 2009 FDP Netroots Coalition Awards: Go vote. Now. Seriously.

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