Sunday, January 25, 2009

Story of the Day

The most talked about story on the Florida blogs this week was the Inauguration. Here's what people said...

Florida Progressive Coalition: A Couple of Really Good Shots of the Inauguration

Florida Progressive Coalition: Inauguration — The End

Florida Progressive Coalition: Inauguration — Sights and Sounds

Florida Progressive Coalition: Inauguration — How Do We Get Into This Place?

Florida Progressive Coalition: Inauguration Day — From Bethesda to D.C.

Florida Progressive Coalition: D.C. Sights and Sounds, Part 3

Florida Progressive Coalition: D.C. Sights and Sounds, Part 2

Florida Progressive Coalition: D.C. Sights and Sounds, Part 1

Florida Progressive Coalition: Tally-to-DC

Florida Progressive Coalition (Sheree Shatsky): A United States of America

South Florida Daily Blog: Say Amen

Situation Awareness: 44th President of the United States of America

The Spencerian: Inaugurations We Can Believe In

Situation Awareness: A Parade of Presidents

South Florida Daily Blog: SFDB Inauguration Live Blog

South Florida Daily Blog: Inauguration Day @ SFDB

Miami-Dade Dems: Who else went to the Inauguration?

Miami-Dade Dems: Skywriting for Obama on the National Mall

Radio or Not: We Pick Ourselves Up, Dust Ourselves off, and Start All Over Again!

Blue in Miami: Sorry for the delay

ReidBlog: D.C. Diary (Updated)

Bark Bark Woof Woof: It Was In All the Papers

Sunshine Statements: Incomplete Inauguration Coverage

Seminole County Democrats: New FL Senate 2010 poll released

Radio or Not: Welcome to a Brand New Day!

The Campaign Manager: Florida Goes to Washington

boiling mad: Na na na na hey hey hey GOODBYE

Incertus (Brian): "When white will embrace what is right."

Smashed Frog: "...This Winter of Our Hardship..."

Bark Bark Woof Woof: It's Time to Get Back to Work

Talk to Me: Every Dogma Has Its Day

Morning Martini: Yesterday

Radio or Not: Inauguration Day

Interstate4Jamming2: You Might Not Gotten To See It, But You Could Tell When It Happened

Can't Keep Quiet!: Where were you when Obama was inaugurated?

Sunshine Statements: Two Miles, Three Men

Blue Herald: Chief Flubber Roberts

BeThink: Change Has Come

Florida Young Democrats: Join FYD in Welcoming Pres. Obama to the White House

Blue Herald: Vice President Joe Biden Swearing In

Blue Herald: President Obama’s Inaugural Speech

Progressive Junction: Live Report: Inauguration Edition

Bark Bark Woof Woof: "The World Is Changing, and We Must Change With It."

BeThink: America Speechless; President Barack Obama Speaks

Miami-Dade Dems: Crowd is tight

Pensito Review (Trish): Celebrating the Dawning of the Era of 44

Blue Herald: President’s inauguration Invocation by Dr Rick Warren

Incertus (Brian): Inaugural Poem

Incertus (Brian): Inaugural thoughts

Seminole County Democrats: Our 44th President

Pensacola Beach Blog: "Keepers of the Legacy"

Sherman Dorn: "Cheese and applause"

Miami-Dade Dems: Your blogger ready for the Inauguration

Progressive Pensacola: A brighter day has come

The Seminole Democrat: For My GOP Friends This Inauguration Day...

Bark Bark Woof Woof: Here To See It

Blast Off!: Emotional history

Eye on Miami (gimleteye): January 20, 2009 ... the unforgotten

Morning Martini: Good Morning America!

Incertus (Brian): How many preachers would it take? Inauguration Day

Dan Gelber: My “little” brother and the President-Elect

madfloridian: Filled with pride at today's events, yet still able to speak out. Walking and chewing gum

Progressive Junction: Live Report: Inauguration Part One

Miami-Dade Dems: On the road again -- Washington, here I come

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