Monday, January 26, 2009


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Conservatives Peddle Myth That Stimulus Spends $275,000 For Every Job Created

New Right-Wing Stimulus Myth: Progressives Want To Spend ‘Hundreds Of Millions On Contraceptives’

Kill Stimulus Zombie Lies

Must read: Krugman debunks the GOP's misleading claims about the stimulus

Welcome to the Center-Right America

REPORT: TV Media Cited Disputed CBO ‘Report’ At Least 81 Times In Past Six Days

A Great Reason for Conservatives to Like Obama: Al Queda Hates Him

Tax Cuts Don't Create Jobs Like Infrastructure Does

Abortion and welfare queens

All Cost, No Benefit: States Aim to Raise Voting Barriers to Prevent Rare Crime

Waving Goodbye to Reaganism: Terms of the Tax Debate Continue to Tectonically Shift

Cantor’s Obsession/Lie: Stimulus Will Spend 4x More On ‘Grass’ Than On Small Businesses

On Fox News, Gingrich echoed distortion that EFCA "tak[es] away your right to a secret-ballot vote before being forced to join a union"

Media advance falsehood that Pentagon has confirmed that 61 former Guantánamo detainees have returned to battlefield

Conservative media figures falsely suggest that Reich proposed excluding white males from stimulus package

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Hopeful said...

Quite a compilation you have here, thanks. The last story is beyond scary and I am convinced neocons propagandists are the new well I hate to say it--but starts with an N and rhymes with potsi.