Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Couple of Really Good Shots of the Inauguration

The first is an aerial view, although it doesn't seem to be at the height of the festivities, since several areas seem to be less full than they would later be.

An even better shot is this 1400-megapixel shot taken from near the stage. With this one, you can zoom in so close that you can see the faces of people who couldn't even see the people on stage. You can't find me in this shot, since I'm just beyond the range of the camera. I can easily find the area I was in, but you can't make out the people in that area. You can easily make out people closer, though, and if anybody knows the basic area they were seated in and they were closer than the reflecting pool, they can probably find themselves. You can also find out interesting things about the people on stage, such as the fact that Clarence Thomas was sleeping during Obama's speech.

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