Sunday, January 11, 2009


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The Forgotten Math: Pre-WWII New Deal Saw Biggest Drop In Unemployment Rate in American History

Pence Challenges Americans To ‘Check’ His Facts: Guess What? He’s Got Them Wrong

Dobbs again questioned human-caused global warming, suggested sun may be more responsible

Debunking Conservative Health Reform Myths

Bush's Last Month Sees Unemployment Hit 22%, According to Wingnuttia's Math

In discussion of EFCA, Wash. Post downplayed alleged intimidation and harassment by employers in current system, calling it "unfair pressure"

WSJ editorial board member ignored consensus absentee-ballot process in accusing Franken of "manipulating" system

Fox News anchors, contributors falsely assert, repeatedly, that Obama's tax credit plan gives money to people who don't pay taxes

Red states dominate teen pregnancy statistics

Michelle Malkin and Newsmax's Ponte claim partisan bent to MN canvassing board -- but board is bipartisan

Asserting FDR "waged ... a jihad against private enterprise," Hume falsely claimed "everybody agrees ... that the New Deal failed"

Coulter compounds falsehoods in "point-by-point" response to Media Matters' fact-check of Guilty

O'Reilly again falsely claimed that Army Field Manual bans making "any captured person uncomfortable in any way"

Chamber Of Commerce Claims Global Warming Regulations Would ‘Strangle The Economy’

No Terrorism Since 9/11

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