Saturday, November 8, 2008

You're Awesome and here's why- Kenneth Quinnell and Keith Roann

Warning: This is going to be a Victory Gloat/ Thank you blog.
Afternoon Citizens,

Damn if we didn't clean some house, and for a bunch of lazy procrastinators who wait till the last minute to do everything, not to shabby people. I not saying that I had anything to do with any campaign winning, and I'm not saying that I didn't get down and dirty with some people trying to use bullshit fear tactics. All I am saying is that every campaign I worked on, from local to federal won. With the confirmation of Ion Sancho confirming that Michelle Rehwinkle Vasilinda won Florida House seat nine, he also confirmed the fact that I had a clean sweep in all of my campaigns. To which moves me to my next point, The Owner-Operator of the Florida Progressive Coalition blog, Mr. Kenneth Quinnell. Not to seem like I am strokin the shaft here, but I would like to take the time out my busy (wait, I procrastinate, damn Democrat)schedule and thank the man who got me involved in said blog world. With the assistance of Mr. Keith Roann, these two grabbed me by the back of the neck and threw me against a brick wall repeatedly while screaming "YOUR DAMN RIGHT YOUR GONNA START DOIN RESEARCH!" Well, after I regained consciousness in a field in Gadsden County wondering where my shirt was, I decided to give this thing a try. Quinnell never gave up on me no matter how retarded I may have acted. Goin to the convention and getting into the riot, all of it, every experience was worth it. I owe it all to the two men that demanded that I wake up. Now, six years later, I have grasped victory along with my fellow Democrats. I have no idea why they chose me, but it worked and I plan on doin this for a long time.

"I have wined and dined with Kings and Queens, and I've slept in alleys eatin' pork and beans" "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes


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