Saturday, November 8, 2008

Election Post-Mortem

Analysis of the 2008 election from all corners...

Eric Alterman: A Liberal Supermajority (Finally) Finds Its Voice

Sarah Burris: Youth Vote Rises At Least 2.2 Million; Largest Partisan Margin in History; The Long Haul

Haaertz: Barack Obama wins 77 percent of Jewish vote, exit polls show

Patrick Ruffini: The Straight-Ticket Youth Vote

Simon Rosenberg: On Obama, race and the end of the Southern Strategy

Kendrick Meek: Barack Obama’s Election Portends a Change for the Country

Andrew Gumbel: Election Protection is Working

Robort Borosage, Bernie Horn and Alex Carter: Congressional Elections Deliver A Progressive Mandate

Markos: The best effect of the never-ending Democratic primary

J.P. Green: New South Trumps Dixie

Jed L: Sorry, GOP: America Is Left Of Center

Crooks and Liars: The Great Repudiation: Why voters have had enough of conservative rule

Michael Connery: CIRCLE Increases Youth Turout Estimates; The Youth Vote Impact in Pictures

DemFromCT: Myths and Tall Tales Of the 2008 Election

Chris Bowers: Better Democrats Outperform Blue Dogs

Mike Lux: And So It Begins...

Alan Rosenblatt: Emergent Governance: Who Needs Bees When the Grassroots Swarm the White House

Joe Sudbay: Vindication for Howard Dean's 50-state strategy and he tells us: Don't blow it

Highest percentage of the vote for any Democrat since 1964

John McCain lost men by 1%, blacks by 92%, Hispanics by 25% and young voters by 34%

Obama ended up with 364 electoral votes, more than 200 more than McCain

Obama won more votes than any president in history

Obama gained 10% amongst Cuban-Americans vs. John Kerry

22% of counties voted more Republican than in 2004

It has been 32 years since a Democrat last won over 50% of the popular vote

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