Sunday, November 9, 2008

Important Reading

Getting rid of my backlog of these important links...

Good stuff you all should read...

Brownsox: The Price of Victory

DavidNYC: How I Became a Vote-by-Mail Convert

Paul Rosenberg: Creating Doubt - The Democrats' Dangerous Self-Blurring Strategies - And What We Can Do About It

Alan Farago: The Politics of Growth, the division of Florida

Alan Farago: No One Remembers Anything: Origins of the fall

Chris Bowers: Three Big Myths About The 2004 and 2008 Elections

March on Politics: Study: More Florida Hispanics Democratic

Incertus (Amy): Keeping Politics Out of the Classroom

Blue Herald: Wealth Gap Creating Social Time Bomb in U.S.

boiling mad: Wealth concentration is at the root of this recession

Blue Herald: Political Loyalties of Many Cubans Changing

Eye on Miami (Genius of Despair): As We are Set to Expand Nuclear Plants in Florida, Let's Learn From Europe's Recent Mishaps

Paul Rosenberg: A Movement-Building Strategy-Part 4: Start Your Engines!

Todd Beeton: Re-Framing Taxes

Anthony Man: Bloggers reach a lot of people with their views, but does it have an impact?

e.politics: Citizen 2008: Using the Internet for Individual Political Advocacy in the Elections and Beyond

Adam Bink: What Candidates and Traditional Organizations Want Out of the Blogosphere

Down With Tyranny: Employee Free Choice Act-- Why It Matters

Democratic Strategist: Messaging, Registration and Turnout Decisions Key to Election

The Campaign Manager: On the Uses of Polling

Wonk Room: How American Workers Subsidize Excessive CEO Compensation

John Podesta: What It Means To Be Progressive

Mike Lux: A Dialogue About Theories of Change

Mike Lux: What I Do for a Living

Jon Pincus: Towards a rebirth of freedom: activism on social networks, part 1

Progress Florida: What is this undefined "CHANGE" all about?

Pam's House Blend: Targeting Texas

Marion County Democratic Party: Getting an Organizing Advantage

PFAW: Blaming Black Voters for Prop 8 Loss is Wrong and Destructive

e.politics: How Daily Republican Talking Point Emails Enforce Message Discipline

e.politics: You’ve Got a Friend in Barack Obama: Integrating Social Networking Tools into Political Campaigns

Mike Lux: The Role Of Progressives In An Obama Administration

Open Left: The Crucial Difference Between Electoral Politics and Movement Building (Core Dilemmas of Community

Democratic Strategist: Gerrymandering and Turnout

techPresident: Seven Things about Online Politics We Can Learn from Barack Obama and the 2008 Primary Season

Micah Sifry: Obama's Organization, and the Future of American Politics

The Campaign Manager: What It Takes to Win - Candidate Specific Strategic Advantages

Eye on Miami: Investigative journalism and the blogsphere, more

Eye on Miami: Investigative journalism and the blogsphere

Mike Lux: The Blogosphere's Role in the 2008 Presidential Race

Open Left: Core Dilemmas of Community Organizing: How Do You Replicate Local Success?

Micah Sifry: Voter File 2.0: Catalist, Democratic Tool

Open Left: Core Dilemmas of Community Organizing: Privileged College Grads Need Low-paying, Fulfilling Jobs!

Michael Turk: Politics: Web 2.0 - VulnerableSpace: A Comparison of 2008 Official Campaign Websites and MySpace

Micah Sifry: PoliticsWeb2.0: Rating Candidate Sites, Dealing with Communication Overload

Micah Sifry: PoliticsWeb2.0: The Rise of Trickle-Up Politics

Micah Sifry: PoliticsWeb2.0: Lessons from Dean, John Kerry and Beppe Grillo

Michael Turk: Politics: Web 2.0 - Visibility Reach, Participation, & Peer Production

Micah Sifry: PoliticsWeb2.0: On the Future of Government in the Digital Era

Michael Turk: Politics: Web 2.0 - Facebook and Clustering of Ideological Types

David Sirota: The Uprising Power of Facebook

e.politics: 10 (+1) Ways to Build Traffic to a Website

e.politics: Social Media Marketing Cheat Sheet

Mike Lux: Building the Infrastructure to Get Progressive Policy Passed

Paul Rosenberg: A VERY Cheap Turnout-Boosting Method Democrats Need To Embrace

Mike Connery: The Emerging Progressive Leadership Pipeline

Shai Sachs: Outlining a progressive grand strategy, part 1 - goals and assessment

Shai Sachs: Progressive Strategy Brain

Open Left: Core Dilemmas of Community Organizing: Culturally Miseducated for Civic Action in America

Michael Turk: Offending Your Supporters: A Lesson in Bad E-mail

Michael Whitney: All Politics is Wiki: Kentucky Bloggers Wikify their Party

Shai Sachs: More on blogging for profit

Micah Sifry: It's Time to Wikify Government

Paul Rosenberg: A Movement-Building Strategy-Part 3: Getting Organized

Mike Lux: Dogma and Either/Or Politics

Mike Connery: Journalist Cheat Sheet: Ten Tips for Reporting the Youth Vote

Shai Sachs: Making Progressivism Real

Incertus: Rhetorical Strategies to Alienate People and Harm Your Cause

Mike Lux: The Intersection Between Insiders and Progressive Outsiders

MyDD: Political Outreach on the Facebook

Chris Bowers: Positive Feedback Loops For Progressives

Matt Stoller: Rethinking Democratic Party Revenue Flows

David Sirota: Finding A Real Progressive Strategy: It's All In the Numbers

Mike Lux: The Merger of Old School and Online Organizing

Chris Bowers: The Political Effectiveness Of The Progressive Netroots, Part One

Steve Schale: Steve Schale on Absentee Voting

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