Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You're Stupid and Here's why- Americas look on John Edwards

Citizens, know it has been awhile, so sue me. Were in America, I am sure somebody will try. Onward, today we will talk about the ongoing John Edwards debacle. America, I a kinda upset. We are the country that has no problem bombing and occupying another country, at the same time as shooting ourselves in the foot with an failing economy, while pissing off a good portion of the rest of the world, and the so called "American Dream" is falling further and further out of grip. Promiscuity built this country. Yes he was married and yes it was defiantly unfortunate that Mrs. Edwards was going through treatment at the time but this kind of thing happens everyday. Why is it that it does not read at the top of my paper every morning that " Your neighbor cheated on his wife with.......THE BUTCHER!" All I am saying America is that the fact that he cheated on his wife doesn't mean that his strength and intelligence to lead this country in its time of need went out the windows with his morals. I am still under the firm belief that John Edwards would be a fine VP candidate. If you really want to get back at John McCain about this, blame his wife for robbing the pharmaceutical companies because God knows that she is robbing them of bot ox. Then it will all go peacefully into the night. I am not endorsing this type of behavior, but I am saying that I understand. If the religious right wants to jump my case over this, all that needs to be said is "Wasn't it God that said everybody is a sinner?" "HE WHO IS WITHOUT SIN, CAST THE FIRST STONE." That my friend should shut them up. John (Edwards), I guess in short all I can say is no matter what kind of evil you do, at least you didn't get into a war that you had no business being in, and don't do it again.

Keep monogamy America, unless your both cool with it then Party On.
Legend Killer

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