Friday, August 8, 2008

The Road to the White House

What are Florida bloggers saying about the presidential race? Here are the top 5 posts from yesterday...

1. Pensito Review (Trish): McCain’s Campaign Worker Apologizes to Black Reporter

2. thefos: McCain Suggests Wife Participate In Topless Contest

3. Pensacola Beach Blog: Pensacola Beach Drilling: Compare and Contrast

4. Blast Off!: In Florida, Obama spends while McCain spins

5. Situation Awareness: GOP "Takes Pride in Being Ignorant"

6. Incertus (Brian): Work the refs even harder

7. Morning Martini: Thinking way ahead

8. Make Me a Commentator!!! - Vice Presidential Pics

9. Bark Bark Wof Woof: Bayh Now?

10. Is Obama Too Young to Be President?

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