Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Road to the White House

What are Florida bloggers saying about the presidential race? Here are the top 5 posts from yesterday...

1. Incertus (Brian): Racism and the Race

2. Bark Bark Woof Woof: A Matter of Choice

3. Pensito Review (Trish): Video Shows McCain Was Wrong About Almost Everything: Iraq, Afghanistan, Anthrax

4. Broward's Blog: Obama Leads McCain Among Christians

5. Incertus (Brian): Maybe you're asking the wrong question

6. Blast Off!: In a Myopic Corner of D.C., a Glimpse of the Mainstream Corporate Media's Obama Problem

7. BlueHerald 2.0: Where Does John McCain Get His Policy Speeches? Wikipedia!!!

8. Pensito Review (Trish): My Choice for Obama VP: Sen. Chuck Hagel

9. Seminole County Democrats: Latest Alaska poll: Obama up by 5%

10. Tampa's Back Door Ways: "Free" Speech "Cages"

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